Price and Availability

Fresh seafood availability depends on seasonality, market availability, and quality

Price and Availability

We have been doing this for over 100 years!  What separates Citarella from the rest is that we custom-select, custom-cut and custom-order your perishables. We pride ourselves in offering you the finest and freshest quality.  We bring in fresh product daily and hand pick, cut and package your perishable product to order.

Perishable items,  by nature, could have a range of weight that is beyond our control.  For these items, we have provided an estimated weight at time of checkout.  This estimated weight is used to provide an estimated cost of the product as well as the estimated shipping charge.  Each item is then handpicked and packed by our product experts to ensure quality.  Once your order is ready to ship, we will update it with the actual product weights and price.

Shipping charges are determined by weight of order (including all ice packs needed to maintain freshness) and size of box. Once your order is fulfilled you will receive an invoice with the true weight and price of the items sent to you and actual shipping charges.

Credit card will be pre-authorized for the estimated amount at checkout, and you will be charged the final amount at shipment.

Fresh product availability depends on seasonality, market availability, and quality.  If an item is not available or does not meet our high standards then we will substitute it with an equal item.  We will make every effort to contact you to let you know.