Joe’s mantra "Start with the freshest, highest quality and handle it properly, with tender loving care"


IMG_0394Everything begins with Joe. To understand his passion for freshness, do what he’s done for decades: walk into the fish market at midnight to choose the finest. The New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx is second in size only to Tokyo’s Tsukiji market, with wholesale sellers going back generations. Boats bring in catches every day, and workers scramble to haul ice-cold seafood on to iced tables for sale.

Our goal is the freshest, most pristine seafood, and our purchase each day is dictated by what the ocean has to offer. Seafood is naturally varied, and sometimes the size or quality we want may not be available. Joe himself will walk the stalls, getting there after few hours sleep to pick out the best of the best through a din of sale. “Not everything is equally fresh. If a boat stays out for seven days, our job is to select the fish from days six and seven, not one and two,” says Joe. From working with the fishermen at the market, we’ve built 40 years of close relationships, earning our reputation as a fixture of New York’s seafood scene. Today, this relationship extends to Joe’s seafood supply company, Lockwood and Winant, as well as our wholesale purveyor, Meat Without Feet, building connections to NYC’s top restaurants.

IMG_5279Our site is strategically located near the New Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point, so once selected by our product experts, fish doesn’t travel far before it’s in our trusted hands. We ship directly to our customers and stores from this location.

With thorough knowledge of its perishability, we handle seafood the right way! Experts take care of all the seafood we have to offer in refrigerated rooms… and lots and lots of ice keep it Citarella fresh. Our fishmongers skillfully go through each order by hand, selecting, cutting and preparing it just for you. Each item is wrapped in waxed paper, sealed in plastic and carefully packaged with ice packs in insulated, leak proof boxes to maintain the quality and integrity of your products. From there, priority overnight ensures the order arrives the next day, ready to go for your latest culinary masterpiece. You will get it fresh and to keep it fresh, we suggest immediately refrigerating or freezing all perishable items.

For our stores, the catch travels in our fleet of refrigerated trucks, carefully managed by expert fishmongers on location who can advise you on flavor, texture, cooking method and more. Our chefs use the haul to make delicious fresh dishes, like our savory fish cakes, popular poached salmon, or traditional gefilte fish. We also butcher for you: whole cleaned, steaks, even fillets.